Verify parts and products directly with the source of truth


As a Level V system wide platform, Authentag is designed to securely record responses from multiple underlying sources of truth about the provenance of parts and products.

  • When making enquiries of data held within Authentag-based or Authentag-compliant systems, cryptographic key exchange locks preceding data ready for audit by regulators or authorities.

  • When connected to external, third party systems, each unit's records are updated and locked cryptographically within the Authentag platform.

  • These cryptographic proofs provide an immutable record for each item within the system. Based on US Patent US9076024B2 (filed 2013, issued 2015) this verification technology underpins all our market verticals 



Verification of All Pharmaceuticals destined for sale in the United States

Authentag's Platform is a key part of the US Pharmaceutical Verification Router Service.

Our platform allows any Authorized Trading Party to verify the unique GS1 sGTIN label that now comes as standard on every packet of pharmaceuticals directly with our manufacturer users.

We also support distributors and dispensers who can use the same messaging system to send requests to other manufacturers who use SAP, Mediledger, Rfxcel, Tracelink, LsPedia, Movilitas, or their own compliant systems.

Industry tested and compliant

We support both GS1 EPCIS and Light Weight Messaging standards and the HDA standards for Verification Routing.

We created the test scripts that were adopted by all companies using the system.

Our system supports the verification of multiple product lines.


Check the manufacturers records

Check the FDA listing and get confirmation directly from the manufacturer. Don't be liable for using counterfeit or expired medical products. Product Suite.png

Get Connected. We do the rest.

Medical Devices

Stay FDA compliant and recall ready.

Authentag has been supporting the medical device field since August 2016 through our BluList SaaS offering.

We plug into the FDA to access their 1.5 million GUDID device records.  Our system then takes over to help manufacturers, distributors, and hospitals track and optimize their inventory usage. Our simple to use apps integrate into a powerful web-based admin management tool that manages multiple teams, product expiry, and automated low stock warnings. 

BluList Allows you to

  • Scan any Unique Device Identifier (UDI) and get its FDA listing in real-time. 

  • Automatically record the location, status, and ownership of the device as you scan. 

  • Access technical documents, how-to videos, and product descriptions.


Know it's Listed

All Type I and Type II Medical Devices must be registered with the FDA. Get instant confirmation with UDIcheck and

BluList Product Suite.png


Know the history

Authentag provides third-party verification of sales history and inventory levels for Amazon sellers.

Accessing the brand owner's account with Amazon we pull the full global sales history analyzing each product line's performance. 

Full Historic Health Report

  • The data gathered can then be shared to financing companies or individuals by the brand owner

  • It allows the current inventory to be marked to market and shows the actual revenue a company receives after taxes and Amazon delivery and storage costs.


See the Historic Data

Allows Fulfilled-by-Amazon Brand owners to get third party verification of their historic sales and current inventory levels