Track parts, sub parts, items, cartons, pallets, batches, shipments and more


Used in 32 countries our tracking capabilities allow you to know what went into which item, where its been, and who had it last.

  • See your items as they move around the globe or from production to quality control

  • Provide Immutable record data to your regulator or Auditor - exact inventory count at your fingertips

  • Use your verified data to finance your inventory

Our Data Structures allows infinite packing, stacking and destuffing, so the data can match real world activity. Across our business lines we are connected to, and have been tested by, the worlds largest ERP and source of truth systems, seamlessly increasing their reach and allowing cross-industry integration.



Inbound - Parts, sub-parts, bill of materials

Manage quality from the first batch. Find what went wrong where, and who can fix it.

By tracking every part of your inbound supply network and every sub part that makes a board, unit or device, error reduction can be data driven.

Outbound - devices, shipments, batches

Linking your warehouse to your distribution to the end user.

Authentag allows data to flow from each system you control and allows third party systems to ask for verifications and provide updates.

Connect to every person involved in the lifecycle of an item with our Apps.


Medical Devices

Tracking - FDA Listed Type I and Type II Medical devices

Verify all listing data against the FDA GUDID database.


Allows full lifecycle tracking from QC to shipment, to delivery and through to patient billing. 

Apply Intelligence to your Supply Network

Captures all information as an item moves allowing manufacturers to know where their items are.

Allows low stock warnings based on actual inventory held in location.

Pre-empts shortages by 'Active Delta Monitoring' providing computer aided decision making based on rate of use and Active Gamma Monitoring helps you identify changes in the rate of use compared to historic data. 


Pharmaceuticals Product Suite.png

Bringing Distributed Ledgers and Security to the Pharmaceutical Industry is a blockchain based, distributed ledger solution for compliance with the Drug Supply Chain Security Act of 2013. Capable of tracking to the pill packet level whilst protecting the data of community members, it increases patient safety whilst lowering the cost burden of inventory management and FDA compliance. 

Authentag was first asked by KPMG to present our patented traceability solution to the US Pharmaceutical industry in January 2018. We presented a customized proof of concept to industry representatives in June 2018 with Accenture under our branded service is now one of only eight full service providers connected to provide sub second verifications of all US Pharmaceuticals. The team has completed bilateral testing with all industry members and is a key member of the the industry working group. 

The platform allows inbound and outbound product to be verified while keeping track of all items in a company's inventory manifest. It is linked to the FDA to collect National Drug Identification Codes and has been stress tested by Cardinal Health.