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Product Launch: Medical Device Verification Goes Live


Authentag LLC, a SAAS company that provides track and verify services for inventory management, launched its free Medical Device FDA Verify Service today for all Type I and Type II medical Devices

Authentag LLC: Medical Device FDA Label Verification Service

A free iOS and Android app that reads all 27 variations of type I and type II label types from all three accredited labelling agencies - GS1, HIBCC and ICCBA. The App pulls information directly from the FDA to check both label format and the official GUDID listing for that device type. This allows users to check that the details stored by the FDA about that device match the details on the label. The app keeps history of the labels you've checked so you can keep your records straight.

“We've been tracking inventory for market leaders in Medical Devices. When they highlighted the problem of recalls due to mislabelling we saw the opportunity for an easy to use app that would save manufacturers from typing barcodes into the FDA's database one at a time to check the listing information” Said Stuart Corby, Founder of Authentag. “We see this as the prelude to full tracking tech for the medical device industry, using the FDA's unique identification codes to manage inventory at the item level. We think there are millions of dollars to be saved across the industry through absolute stock management and we're looking to unlock that to reduce total care costs for patients across the United States.”

"Plugging in to the FDA and managing over 1.5 million product lines means we can help clean up the data for all medical device manufacturers and distributors." Said W. Scott Berg, President of Authentag. "We know most medical devices companies have less than 50 employees, so we hope the time save by using our app will go into innovations that help save lives."

Authentag’s Senior Team:

Stuart Corby - Founder

Origin Tracker Ltd - Building Tech for inventory control

SEP Sprint - Secure Printing Company; Director; Postage stamps for multiple countries

UBS’s Asian electronic trading platform; Architect and Business owner

W. Scott Berg - Founder

ATA - Created secure data sharing platform. All US and Allied Intelligence Services

Berg Capital - Managing Partner, early stage investment

Navy F-18 Fighter Pilot; Weapons & Tactics Instructor