• Authentag Team

Authentag tracking services goes live

Announcement (Limited Distribution): Authentag LLC, announced today a move from R&D into live inventory management.

Authentag LLC: Tracking and Verification system for Uniquely Labelled inventory.

Authentag switched from research and development to a SAAS company today with the launch of its electronic ledger to track UUID's for US Government Departments. Authentag smartphone App and Web App interface allow instant and absolute inventory management

The system will be trialed for the Defense Logistics Agency through products made by London Bridge Trading and distributed by Advanced Defense Systems. The initial trial tracks plate carriers and their ceramic inserts for the US special forces community.

“Sometimes you just absolutely need to know its genuine and its gonna work” said W.Scott Berg, President of Authentag. “I worked closely with the special forces teams, providing air support and I've seen first hand what they go through. We're really proud that our first mission will be protecting those in the line of fire.”

“This is the culmination of a lot of hard work from a dedicated team of professionals” Said Stuart Corby Founder of Authentag. “We know the teams are going to be relying on our tech to keep them safe and that is all the motivation we need.”