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Authentag LLC founded

Updated: Jun 1, 2018

Announcement (Limited Distribution): Authentag LLC, a new SAAS company will research track and verify services for physical inventory..

Authentag LLC: Electronic Ledger Technology for Inventory Tracking

Authentag was founded today to bring together developments in unique ID tracking and the latest advances in information dissemination and control.

“Information control systems are becoming ever more capable." Said W.Scott Berg, President of Authentag. "We see applications in marrying this new technology with uniquely identified items to manage 'who sees what' about items throughout the entire supply chain."

“There is some really interesting work happening right now in the world of electronic ledgers and data management. We think we can bring advances made in the financial industry to the world of logistics and inventory management ” Said Stuart Corby Founder of Authentag. “ We are on a quest to learn as much as we can about shipping, freight forwarding and logistics and to work out how the latest developments in IT can be applied to make the products we consume safe from counterfeits, easier to recall and to improve overall efficiency of the world's supply networks. The world leaders in supply chain management should all expect us to come knocking soon”

Authentag’s Senior Team:

Stuart Corby - Founder

Origin Tracker Ltd - IT development of electronic ledgers, unique ID management, distributed data storage and proof of identity / proof of creation

SEP Sprint - Secure Printing Company; Director; Postage stamps for multiple countries

UBS’s Asian electronic trading platform; Architect and Business owner

W. Scott Berg - President - Founder

ATA - Created secure data sharing platform. All US and Allied Intelligence Services

Berg Capital - Managing Partner, early stage investment

Navy F-18 Fighter Pilot; Weapons & Tactics Instructor