• Authentag Team

Article: Royal Society of Chemistry

"Big companies are looking to blockchain technology to track transactions, finds Andy Extance, while upstarts exploit its cryptocurrency origins....

Despite growing realism over the hype surrounding bitcoin, transaction-recording technology similar to that powering the digital currency may rescue the pharmaceutical industry from a new predicament. The issue arises from the 2013 US Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA), which mandates individual drug pack tracking to fight counterfeiting. By November 2019, systems must be in place to track ‘verified returns’ of the more than 50 million unused packs that companies get back for resale annually. That’s a severe challenge, explains Stuart Corby, co-founder of Authentag, in Virginia, US, because antitrust (competition) laws mean that pharma giants can’t collaborate to choose a single system supplier...."

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Royal Society of Chemistry