Authentag assigns identity and ownership throughout the lifespan of an item.



By using the unique identification of parts, people, and places we build a continuous chain of custody of an identified item. We don't just track finished items, we can also track their constituent parts and record who and where they were assembled or which production manager was in charge of that line.

Authentag works by tracking unique identities of physical products and recording every interaction each item encounters on its own blockchain. If items cross paths or join together their chains exchange cryptographic keys, locking all past records and allowing Authentag to map every item's relationships. Tracking those relationships from cradle-to-grave, from production to disposal, provides real-time chain-of-custody and current disposition for all parts.

Our technology was developed specifically for inventory. Its advantage comes from allowing companies and groups to maintain their own data, only exchanging the information needed when a handshake occurs, this gives data efficiency, means participants only maintain relevant records and keeps your data confidential.


Global Standards

Authentag supports Global Standard Identification and messaging protocols.

As each item gets a unique cryptographic identifying key, any or multiple packaging or item codes can then be linked to that key. This ItemIDKey allows the system to manage the myriad of legacy standards used globally for identification and to marry identities together if different owners of the item utilize different formats. 

Our systems can support any unique identifier including


GS1   GTIN / sGTIN   and   sGTIN + PI


We support EPCIS batch trade data files and the Verification Router Service Lightweight messaging Standards from GS1.

We also support HIBCC and ICCBA for medical devices and UUID for US Government.


Quest Codes

Secure, Remotely Verifiable, Serial Numbers 

Authentag's Quest Codes stand alone, or can be integrated into GS1 standard sGTINs

Unique, Non Colliding, quantum generated serials for every item. Using Quest codes to serialize your products carries three key advantages:

  • Verify a code was issued by you, even when you don't have data connectivity

  • Still achieve Rapid human identification during QC or on the production line

  • Supports consumer SMS short-code verification when smartphones are not available