Mobile Enabled,

U.S. Government,

'FIAR' Compliance

Smart Phone enabled tracking of US Government inventory since January 2015



In 2017 all DoD agencies were required to improve their management of inventories through a system called FIAR (Financial Improvement Audit Readiness). Interviews with DLA, NAVSUP, and industry executives uncovered that there are $24B in assets Stock-In-Transit (SIT), and $24M of these assets have not had their whereabouts updated in over 180 days. Authentag technology makes compliance with this congressional mandate not only possible but a realistic objective.


Authentag technology creates a single thread for the supply chain that links all results, repairs, use, and maintenance, and meets or exceeds all DFARS Clause 252.211-7003 “Item Identification and Valuation.”


Remote, Physical Audit Services

Physical audit made easy with Authentag System.


Smartphone-enabled, secure, easy to use and self-correcting - physical audit of items now works the way it should.


Audit physical items both on and off the grid. Our audit service allows you to track both the physical items and the person recording them. It prevents re-reads allows you to allocate items to groups for storage or shipping and can read DOD Datamatrix plus 16 other variants of barcode technology.  

Both Auditors and companies benefit from stock audits that are verifiable and run accurately. With Authentag the auditing staff scan every item they responsible for and it is uniquely accounted for. When they lose track and rescan the system auto-sorts and prevents double accounting, removing any chance of duplication. Spot checks by supervisors will show who scanned what item and when, and all records are maintained on an immutable digital ledger that can be distributed for data protection and speed of response.  Goods can be rescanned as many times as necessary, for multiple years. Location is automatically recorded to allow easier spot checks later.

Designed for the most austere conditions this service allows on and offline scanning to sync seamlessly - smartphone scanners are simple nodes - no real-time access to wi-fi or data is required.


This product was deemed acceptable through the Rapid Innovation Fund process in 2016:


Man Managing Pharmaceuticals
Joint Striker Fighter Program


In September 2016 the Authentag system was deemed Acceptable by the JSF to


"Reduce sustainment cost by improving reliability or availability of components, reducing the cost of spares, improving maintenance man-hour requirements, reducing logistics footprint, avoidance of diminishing manufacturing sources, and other methods of life cycle cost reduction."

US Marine Corps


In September 2016 the Authentag system was deemed Acceptable by the Marine Corps to be


"A handheld device .... to collect fuel sensor data for further transfer to a server environment where it will be fused with operations data."

US Navy


In September 2016 the Authentag system was deemed Acceptable by the US Navy to:


"improve access to logistics data through use of mobile devices to access information and status"


And to


"to reduce TOC through reductions in procurement and sustainment costs... improve reliability and operational readiness... reduce or mitigate system or component obsolescence... reduce maintenance, manpower and training costs... extend service life. "


And to


"improve techniques, methods, and tools to collect and analyze productivity results in order to optimize warfighting capability, fleet operational availability, and expected service life of Navy ships and submarines;"

US Airforce

In September 2016 the Authentag System was deemed Acceptable by the Air Force to:


"efficiently collect maintenance data to include inspection results, leveraging current maintenance information systems, and communicate with existing data"

And to 

"be a singular integrated mobile computer that can operate all the programs/applications utilized by the Logistics community"