Funding your inventory as discreet assets through the World's Financial Markets and via Decentralized Finance


More than 750 product lines and counting

  • Our verified data is used to confirm the amount of inventory held and its value

  • Standardized contracting moves inventory finance from the control of banks and into the market place

  • Combine with Accounts Receivable Financing to double the impact

  • Extends to your suppliers, allowing them to receive payments at T+1 in return for a discounts. Use your balance sheet when you have a cash surplus and utilizes the market when you are cash constrained


On Exchange

Connect to the World's largest electronic exchange for Trade Finance with Authentag

The Exchange manages Billions of dollars in Trade Finance a year.

Through standardized contracts, multiple institutions can bid to fund your paper.

Moving to the market lowers the cost of capital to you and the cost of loan book generation for the banks and finance firms that fund your paper.


Decentralized Finance










Value locked into smart contracts for Decentralized Finance (DeFi) saw a rapid expansion in 2020.

Verified Data that empowers Community Financing of your Inventory and Accounts Receivable.

Authentag provides Oracle services, that broadcast verified data about price and historic sales, for registered manufacturers.

Subscriptions are controlled using access keys that are presented on subscription to electronic smart contracts.

The smart contracts can lock electronic financing to real world assets that are represented by Non Fungible Tokens locked into the Public Ethereum Blockchain.

All parties can check the public chain for the cryptographic hash that represents the inventory or Accounts Receivable being financed. Their transactions remain protected by Authentag's proprietary system.