A world where any item can be traced to its origin


Know every part, in every item, in every shipment


Follow all stock movements. Automate reordering.


Confirm who sent it, who made it, who received it


Get flexible finance from the worlds Trade Finance Markets

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Authentag's Systems and Apps join people with the things that they own.

We record a digital thread or history for every delivered item.

Designed to streamline logistics and maintenance workflows associated with procurement, operation, maintenance, and disposal processes, Authentag now operates in three verticals; Government, Life Sciences (Medical Devices and Pharmaceutical Tracking for FDA compliance) and online retail.


Utilizing Blockchain technologies, immutable ledgers and advances in tokenization, Authentag Platforms track thousands of product lines for hundreds of companies in 32 countries.


1765 Greensboro Station Place, Suite 900
McLean VA VA22102-2535
United States

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