Our Vision

A world where any item can be traced to its origin, protecting us all and restoring faith in the quality of products.

We're building a world where consumers are connected directly to makers

through the unique stories of the products they use.

Authentag was founded to protect all of us from counterfeit and uncontrolled distribution of products.

Our Commitment

We recognize that counterfeit products kill millions and cost billions of dollars to the world economy. We use data to help industries combat counterfeits and consumers to reassure themselves of the origin of goods, direct with the manufacturers. When we enter a new market we look to understand the impact of counterfeit goods and how to use and share data in a controlled manner that protects all of us. 

Our Intent

As systems architects, data-scientists, anti-counterfeit experts and financial engineers, we've proven that tracking of every product is now technically possible and can have a positive impact when used by manufacturers and the supply chain to analyze their supply networks and engage in control with their partners. Our goal is to maximize the financial and product security returns from the investment made in unique labeling.

Our Technology

Patented in 2015, our SaaS technology can be configured to track the vast amount of data needed to secure today's complex supply networks. Tracked items generate unique, encrypted immutable records in distributed databases that build into a community that can exchange data with trading partners or consumers whilst protecting confidentiality.

Using a structure that allows decision controlled data sharing of pertinent information whilst performing asynchronous record locking at a local level allows scaling that can cover the most demanding of industries and protect billions of unique items.

The Authentag System

The Authentag System joins people with the things that they own. It creates a digital thread or history for every inventory item.


Designed to streamline logistics and maintenance workflows associated with procurement, operation, maintenance, and disposal processes Authentag now operates in three verticals; Government, Medical Devices and Pharmaceutical Tracking for FDA compliance.


Utilizing Blockchain technologies, immutable ledgers and advances in tokenization Authentag Platforms track thousands of product lines for hundreds of companies in 30 countries.


Authentag assigns ownership throughout the lifespan of an item. This prevents counterfeits, facilitates absolute recalls, allows network optimization and facilitates new financing options for firms with large inventory holdings.



Authentag works by tracking a universally unique label or tag and connecting that tag to the individuals that interact with it, and tracking those relationships from cradle-to-grave, from production to disposal, providing real-time chain-of-custody and current disposition for all parts—all with a simple device scan.


By using the unique identification of parts, people, and places we build a continuous chain of custody of an item. We don't just track finished items, we can also track their constituent parts and record who and where they were assembled or which production manager was in charge of that line.


"The only item level tracking system

for Medical Devices out there"

US Regional Distributor,

Medical Devices

Use Cases


We're actively managing thousands of product lines for our customers across multiple industries. We keep immutable records using blockchain and apply tokenization, advanced encryption techniques, and artificial intelligence to know who has what, when they had it and where it is.



More than 200 manufacturers use our Medical Device platform.


Authentag has been supporting the medical device field since August 2016 through our BluList SaaS offering.


We plug into the FDA to access their 1.5 million GUDID device records.  Our system then takes over to help manufacturers, distributors, and hospitals track and optimize their inventory usage. Our simple to use apps integrate into a powerful web-based admin management tool which manages multiple teams, product expiry, and automated low stock warnings. 




Bringing Distributed Ledgers and Security to the Pharmaceutical Industry


Track.one is a blockchain based, distributed ledger solution for compliance with the Drug Supply Chain Security Act of 2013. Capable of tracking to the pill packet level whilst protecting the data of community members it increases patient safety whilst lowering the cost burden of inventory management and FDA compliance. 


Authentag was first asked by KPMG to present our patented traceability solution to the US Pharmaceutical industry in January 2018. We presented a customized proof of concept to industry representatives in June 2018 with Accenture.



Acceptable for use by Army, Navy, Airforce, Joint Strike Fighter & US Marine Corp.


Authentag was first trialed for tracking physical products into the defense department in January 2015.


The technology was deemed acceptable for multiple projects for the Army, Navy, Airforce Joint Strike Fighter and the Marine Corp in September 2016.


Use Authentag to manage your team's inventory, reduce total cost of ownership and stay FIAR compliant.


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